DIY Repurposed Coasters

How to Make DIY Repurposed Coasters Out of Flooring Planks

I love DIY challenges and upcycling trash into treasure is a true passion of mine.  There is nothing like looking for the beauty in something unwanted or discarded by someone else. I used to guest blog for Bestlaminate, a flooring company, and I have loved coming up with repurposed flooring plank projects for them. This time, I am sharing how to make DIY repurposed coasters out of left over flooring planks. It seems that all my friends who have had their floors done have an extra box of planks in their garage collecting dust. This is a great way to upcycle them.

Here is the link to the step by step photo tutorial on the Bestlaminate blog: 5 Step DIY Repurposed Coaster Gift Set for the Holidays

One flooring plank can make many coasters sets.  These sets would make great gifts for neighbors, friends or family.  You can group it together in a gift basket with wine glasses, and a bottle or wine or even beer mugs and a six pack of craft beer. The different colors, textures, and styles of flooring can make a unique set of coasters.

Other Materials You Will Need:

  • Flooring Planks
  • Thin Corkboard
  • Saw
  • Goggles
  • Clamps
  • Pencil
  • Straight Edge
  • Scissors
  • Industrial Strength Glue

Best Crafts to Sell Recycled Coasters

The instructions are simple; just cut and glue! Small sheets of cork board can be found at craft stores and can be cut in smaller pieces. A clamp is ideal to use to hold them together while they dry. Wrap them in a pretty bow and add a tag to sell or gift them to a friend or family member. If you have trouble finding flooring planks, check second hand stores like Habitat for Humanity ReStore. You can buy an entire box for just a few dollars. Also, hardware or home stores like Lowes or Home Depot may have open boxed items on clearance. Just ask!

Other Repurposed Flooring Plank Crafts

In case you missed them, some other repurposed flooring plank projects I have done are:

Be sure to stop by the Bestlaminate blog and check out the full tutorials.  Tell them Dinah from DIY Inspired sent you!

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DIY Repurposed Coasters Gift Set

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Updated and improved from December 2015.

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