Trash to Treasure: Recycling Old Crates


Trash to Treasure: Recycling Old Crates

I’ve blogged about it numerous times and I have to do it again!  This is yet another post on reusing, recycling, and repurposing.  Today I decided to take on recycling old crates!

Crate Shelves

Crate Bike Basket

Crate Furniture

Crates Drawer

Shipping Crate Bike Basket

Recycled Wooden Crates Shelving System


Who knew shipping crates could look this good? This was a post on Design Squish that I had to share. Check out these amazing ideas. Love these shelves, bike basket, and crate furniture from Design Squish; Shipping Crate Bike Basket from Globe Revolution; and Crate Shelves from Baileys Home and Garden!

The shelving system has to be my favorite.  It has a vintage modern look that I love. Also, if you notice the last crate shelf picture, there is a crate on the floor with wheels added.  What a great idea for additional storage for toys, or a bassinet for baby dolls!

How cool are the colorful plastic chair, side and end table? Depending on the size and style, you can purchase wooden legs from Home Depot for about five to twenty dollars a piece.  There are several choices from traditional to modern styles.

I had mentioned the other day that you can get wine crates for free or for less than five dollars each from most spirit wine and liquor specialty stores.  Just ask!  Call to find out when they receive shipments and ask to take them off their hands.  Otherwise, they will likely get broken down and thrown out.


Thirty creative ways to recycle, reuse, and repurpose:



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    1. I love these ideas. I’ve been thinking about a way to make clycreing more accessable and still pretty in my house; right now the newspapers, boxes and bottles end up in a pile by the back door Thanks so much!

  1. I have been seeing metal rectangular crates. These are used for trash pick up on garbage day. This way the trash is near the road ready for a garbage truck pickup. Some people sit about 3 outdoor cans in it but I would just like to take my bags the night before and have them there. I have looked everywhere and can not find them. I do not know how tobuild one out of wood and have no tools. Any su

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