Stenciled Repurposed Coffee Cups


I made these GROW coffee cups a while ago. They have been sitting on my kitchen window sill every day for several months. I loved them so much that when I was asked to do a repurposing workshop at the Habitat for Humanity, these stenciled repurposed coffee cups were one of the projects that I brought with me to share.

While I was at Habitat for Humanity, I found four white coffee mugs for 99 cents apiece.  They were perfect for the workshop. This time, as people stopped by my booth I spelled out LOVE in red.  There were so many people who didn’t realize how inexpensive and easy it was to make them. So many people loved them. It was fantastic.


I brought all the supplies with me and demonstrated how to make them several times. I also brought some succulents to plant in them. A few people were hands on and helped as well.  The kids especially liked volunteering to pour in the potting soil.

You can get the full tutorial here: Repurposed Coffee Cup Succulent Garden

Here are a few more pictures.




I thought these would make great gifts as a set or even individually with the recipient’s initials. You can give them to teachers, couches, friends, and neighbors.  It’s even a fun and simple thing to do with a group of friends for a craft night.

In case you missed it, check out my experience at the Habitat for Humanity workshop. It was so much fun. I hope you consider making these for a friend. If you do, send me a picture!


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