Easy Circle Punch Paper Flowers on Branches

I originally made these circle punch paper flowers on branches for my daughter’s softball opening day.  I had made her team, Troll-rific, Troll headbands and we needed something else that would have some impact at the parade, but was budget friendly.  So, my daughter and I went on a nature walk and came home with a dozen branches.  Here is how to make the flowers.

Time: 30 minutes +



You can make these flowers with three, four, or five circles. First, punch out the circles and fold them in half. Glue the petals together to form a circle. The distance will depend on the number of circles.  For three, for example, make sure the creases are perpendicular to one another when gluing the first two circles. Lastly, punch out a flower and glue it in the middle. You can also use stickers.  If you don’t have either, consider fringing a strip of paper, rolling it, and then gluing it I the middle.

Next, glue the flowers onto branches.  I glue some flower punch flowers directly onto the branches as well.  Place these in vases or on tables for centerpieces.  You can change the colors and patterns to fit the party theme.  We used them as staffs for each “troll” as they marched in their opening day parade.

I have also made these flowers for gift wrapping, to decorate gift bags, and to embellish monograms for a birthday party.

Here is a YouTube video I did for similar flowers using a small circle punch.

Hope you like it and find these useful! With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!

In case you missed it, here is the tutorial for my Troll headbands!

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