Recycled Map DIY Birthday Banner

Recycled Map Happy Birthday Banner DIY

My parents live 3 thousand miles away on the East Coast. So, it’s rare that I get to celebrate birthdays together. This year for my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day we are having a small family reunion on Catalina Island. Woo hoo! I wanted to make it special and make a few decorations for the condo we are staying in and I am starting with this recycled map DIY birthday banner.


I had this left over map from the recycled map drawers I made over for my craft room. Depending on the size you want, cut the maps and craft board accordingly. I cut the map at 3”X2” and the craft board at 3.5”X2.5”.

Recycled Map Birthday Banner

I centered the maps to the craft board and glued it with a glue stick. Next, I stenciled each letter spelling out “happy birthday”. I like to wash my stencils in between use. When I stencil, I also reuse an old plastic plate over and over as my pallet. Less is more when it comes to applying the paint to prevent bleeding. A spouncer works best for application as well.

Stenciled Recycled Map Birthday Banner

Stenciled Recycled Map DIY Birthday Banner

Once the paint was dry, I punched small holes on each side and string twine to make the banner.

Recycled Map Stenciled Birthday Banner

It turned out great. I think it turned out great. It has a nice feel for the Catalina, traveling, and the beach. It would also be a great idea for Father’s Day.

Recycled Map Birthday Banner Idea

Recycled Map Happy Birthday Banner

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    1. I actually found it at a boutique gift shop that sold both old and new things, but if you have an antique shop near your area, they usually carry them for just a few bucks. You can also buy them at some travel/rest areas or gas stations.

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