Funny 4th of July Iron On Shirts

Funny 4th of July Iron On Shirts with FREE Printable Images

My sister-in-law is the best. She’s a good time and has the best sense of humor. Now that we live closer to one another, we have been able to spend major holidays together. We seem to bring our sense of humor together and have a blast with matching PJ’s, ridiculous adult onesies, and of course alcohol. Because of this, our 4th of July attire seems to be headed into becoming a tradition as well. This year, she asked me to design funny 4th of July iron on shirts.

The designs she requested for our family include Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. For the girls I made Babe-braham Drinkin’ shirts and for the guys I made Ben Drankin’ shirts.

In this post you will be able to get FREE images to iron on your own shirts including:

  • Unisex Abraham Drinkin Design
  • Women’s Babe-raham Drinkin Design
  • Unisex Ben Drankin’ Design

Find the Right T Shirts

We went on a hunt for black T shirts because we wanted the fit to be nice, but affordable as well. I tried TJ Maxx, every clothing store in the mall, Target, and Walmart. I ended up buying a pack of Men’s Hane’s black crew neck shirts and two black women’s tank tops from Walmart.

The woman’s tanks at Walmart are super soft and less than $5.00 each!

Note that the shirts should be cotton and/or a polyester blend. Also, do not buy ribbed tanks. The ribs will tear the iron on when the shirt is put on.

How to Make the Shirts

Time: 15-30 Minutes


  • Black T Shirt or Tank Top
  • Free Printable Iron On
    • Unisex Abraham Drinkin Design
    • Women’s Babe-raham Drinkin Design
    • Unisex Ben Drankin’ Design
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric
  • Parchment Paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pillowcase


When ironing on dark fabrics, the process is slightly different than light fabrics. For light fabrics, the design should be a mirror image and then you iron the image on faced down. For dark fabric, here is how you do it.

  1. Print the desired design on iron-on transfer paper using an inkjet printer.
  2. Trim around the edges of the design.
  3. Peel off the backing.
  4. Place the design face up onto the T shirt in the desired area.
  5. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the image. This should come with the package of transfers you bought.
  6. Make sure there is no steam or water in the iron. Slowly iron over the parchment paper for 90-120 seconds.

That’s it! Remove the parchment paper and the image will be on your T shirt.

Happy Fourth!

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