Torched Bead Sun Catcher DIY

How to Make a Bead Sun Catcher by Using the Bernzomatic ST2200

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The Bernzomatic ST2200 is one of my favorite torches to use. After all, I have made some pretty cool craft projects with it. In case you missed them, here are a few of my favorites:

Today I want to share how to make a bead sun catcher by melting pony beads with your Bernzomatic ST2200.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial for your reference. Keep scrolling to find a complete list of materials and detailed instructions.

Here is What you’ll Need

Time: Approximately 1 Hour


Before You Begin Making the Bead Sun Catcher

First, it is important to work in a well-ventilated area. When melting beads, they omit a strong odor. Don’t worry, it is not toxic because pony beads are meant to be melted. Secondly, use an old cookie sheet as a work surface. It helps to use one with a lip in case the beads roll around. Melting beads can burn the metal sheet, however, can easily be cleaned. Lastly, keep in mind you are working with an open flame. Be cautious of wind if you are working outdoors and of course be careful when working around children and animals.

Heart Pony Bead Craft


Melting the Pony Beads

For this bead sun catcher, I made six hearts in different colors. You can choose to make any shape you wish.

  1. Arrange the pony beads into the desired shape on top of a cookie sheet. It’s important to ensure the beads are touching. If they are not touching, they will not melt together properly, and will eventually fall apart.
  2. Next, fill your Bernzomatic ST2200 with Bernzomatic Butane. Ignite the switch and turn it on.
  3. Wave the flame over the shape. You will see the beads melt together. It may catch a small fire; however, it will burn out almost immediately. If not, you can blow it out. Allow it to cool completely, approximately 3-5 minutes.
  4. Once your beads have cooled, carefully flip the shape over and melt the other side with your torch.

How to Melt Pony Beads

Melted Bead Heart Shapes


Putting it All Together

  1. Use plastic cord to string your shapes through a center bead, bringing the two ends together.
  2. String the desired pattern of beads. For the sun catcher in this tutorial, I strung about 25 beads per heart shape. I also used different sizes and colors.
  3. Insert 2 eye hook on a branch. Use a drill if needed. Tie twine to each end to create a hanger.
  4. Lastly, tie each beaded heart string equidistant from one another onto the branch.

Torched Pony Bead Sun Catcher

Here are a few AFTER photos.

Torched Bead Sun Catcher

Melted Bead Craft Idea

DIY Torched Bead Sun Catcher

DIY Sun Catcher Idea

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