Poker Party Ideas

Playing Card Centerpiece

Poker Party Ideas

A poker party or casino night is a fun theme party idea.  Need some Poker Party Ideas? With a little creativity, decorating for a party like this does not have to be expensive. One of my best friends hosted a poker tournament party for her husband’s 30th birthday and I helped her out with a few simple and inexpensive do it yourself party decorations.

Poker Birthday Banner

Poker Happy Birthday Banner

Poker Themed Table Trim

Here are a few easy and budget-friendly poker party or casino night decoration ideas.

  1. Playing Card Centerpiece
  2. Poker Chip Favor
  3. Simple Drink Umbrellas
  4. Party Banner

Playing Card Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

Begin by slightly bending each playing card.  Using hot glue, attach each card one by one in the desired pattern.  Embellish each can with coordinating ribbon.  I used them for pretzel rods and plastic utensils.

Round Card Centerpiece

Playing Card Utensil Holder

Poker Chip Favor

Materials Needed:

  • Poker Chips
  • Decoupage medium
  • Paint brush
  • Circle punch 1½ inch in diameter
  • Paper
  • 3” by 4” Transparent Archival Bags
  • Computer
  • Stapler

This project actually started by mistake.  My friend ordered personalized poker chips and they came in incorrect.  The company could not correct their mistake before the date of the party.

Using decoupage medium, paint on a 1½ inch paper circle with your custom design and let it dry completely.  One coat will suffice. Insert each chip into a transparent archival bag. Create a personalized tag on your computer and staple.

Poker Chip Materials

Poker Chip Step 1

Poker Chip Step 2

Poker Chip Step 3

Poker Chip Step 4

Poker Chip Step 5

Poker Chip Favor 2

Poker Chip Favor

Simple Drink Umbrellas

These drink umbrellas are perfect for any party.  Simply cut the desired sized circle out of decorative paper.  I used circle shaped playing cards.  Using scissors cut one slit at the radius of the circle.  Fold over and attach with double sided tape.  Use a small dab of glue to attach a BBQ skewer.

Drink Umbrella Materials

Drink Umbrella

Drink Umbrella Top

Drink Umbrellas

Party Banners

This DIY craft is very simple and takes little time.  Just print out the message in any font and size you wish. Cut out the words and use double sided tape to adhere the words onto decorative scrapbook paper. Next, hot glue the words onto ribbon and hang. If you choose, add some pictures as shown.

Using the same instructions above, you can make this playing card banner.  I used it to embellish each cocktail table.

Poker Happy Birthday Banner

Poker Themed Table Trim

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Poker Party Ideas DIY Inspired

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