Gold Bottle Cap Magnets

Gold Bottle Cap Magnets, Written By Loren Crane of Pandora’s Craft Box


My hubby loves his Starbucks cold coffee in the morning and I have found myself having a large collection of bottles and bottle caps. I can never throw them out because the bottles are so cute and I always think I can use them for something. This time, I decided to make gold bottle cap magnets. I even have my hubby bring them from work from his buddies. However, I did find that if I did not clean the bottle caps right away that they got all moldy, which meant that only three survived from about 12 bottles.

I remember seeing a lot of project on Pinterest with beer bottle caps not many with Starbucks bottle caps which are much larger and easier to work with in my opinion.


The first thing I did was clean the caps and get them ready to spray paint.

The color of the year might be orchid purple but gold is so in right now that I just want to color everything gold. I went ahead and spray painted them.

I used a magnet to attach them to the refrigerator. You can glue them if you like with crazy glue but I did not because I can switch them around.  I use them to hold the beautiful out work from my little man because I am a very proud mama.  I can’t wait to get more bottle caps and have a whole collection of golden bottle cap magnets on my fridge.


I hope you enjoyed my bottle cap magnets! What will you be doing with your Starbucks bottle caps when you get them?

Stay Crafty,


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