How to Hollow Out an Egg

How to Hollow Out an Egg

I always wanted to know how to hollow out an egg and I finally took the time to try it out. I want to use them for various Easter projects coming up.  It was a lot easier than I thought.  I sort of guessed on how to do it based on methods I’ve seen in the past. I’m sure there are several variations, but this is how I hollowed out an egg.



Step One:

I found that a nail worked the best.  I also tried using a straight pin and a paper clip but they were both too flimsy. Using a nail, gently poke a whole into one end of the egg.

How to Hollow Out an Egg (2)

Step Two:

Poke another hole in the other side. I made the hole on the larger side of the egg a little bit bigger than the smaller side so it was easier to blow out the yolk.


Step Three:

Blow through the egg from the smaller hole into a bowl.  You may have to break the yolk with a long needle; however I did not have to do that.

How to Hollow Out an Egg (3)

Step Four:

Wash the egg with soap and water and allow it to dry thoroughly.

How to Hollow Out an Egg (1)

Don’t forget to cook and eat the egg in the bowl so you don’t waste it! I will use my eggs to decorate for Easter. 

I found this cute Easter Egg-O-Gram on Poppytalk Blog and HAD to figure out how to hollow out an egg so that you can stuff it with a personal message. It’s absolutely adorable. Anyway, you can easily hollow out an egg now and then you can stuff it with a personal message and send it to a loved one by rolling the paper and gently pushing it through the hole. When the recipient receives it, they crack the egg open for the surprise message.

I’m also thinking I may try some gold gilding with them. Stay tuned!

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