How to Makeover a Dresser for Free

How to Makeover a Dresser for Free or Low Cost

I didn’t spend any money for this dresser or for the supplies to make it over. Now, I realize that most the people who are reading this are not DIY Bloggers for a living and have piles of supplies ready to use. However, I do know some tips and tricks and can tell you how to makeover a dresser for free just like I did with this one.

The drawers lined with velvet, I wanted to use it in my craft room for some of my craft supplies and materials.

DIY Craft Storage Idea

Here is the Dresser BEFORE.

How to Find FREE Furniture

How to Score Dresser for Free and Low Cost

Free Options

  • Yes, ask your friends and family. That’s how I got this dresser. A friend of mine couldn’t sell it at her yard sale so she gave it to me free of charge.
  • Ask Facebook. Post it on your wall! You’d be surprised at how many people have old furniture they want to get rid of. They simply want it out of their house and if you can come over and take it off their hands, you are doing them a favor.
  • Check Craigslist Curb Alert. Search “free stuff” on your local Craigslist. Free furniture is popular there because it’s difficult to dispose of.
  • Drive around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods on trash day. You may get lucky and see a dresser with a “free” sign attached to it.

Low Cost Alternatives

  • Check your local Habitat for Humanity Restore.
  • Shop at your local thrift store. Goodwill, Savers, and Salvation Army usually have a decent assortment. Be sure to check on sale days as well.
  • Go to garage and yard sales towards the end of the day. People tend to lower their prices, especially on furniture, at the end of the day. That is how I bought this bench for $5.00 and these night stands for $5.00.

How to Refurbish Furniture

How to Save on Hardware

This one is simple. Keep the existing hardware and paint it. It’s amazing how color can change everything. I was going to replace the knobs on this dresser with some beautiful ones I saw in the clearance section of TJ Maxx. Even though those were inexpensive, I decided to spray paint the existing ones with gold metallic paint I already had.

If you absolutely HAVE to change them, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods are my favorite places to find beautiful ones. Habitat for Humanity ReStore is also a great place with a lot of different options. By the way, be sure to check the clearance section of Homegoods. The knobs I was going to buy were in the clearance section because there was a pack of 10 with one broken one. I only needed eight.

DIY Painted Dresser Makeover

How to Save on Paint

I had paint left over from painting our house and other DIY projects. I feel like everyone has buckets of leftover paint in their garage. Don’t forget about those! For this one I had a gallon can of black paint I scored for $9.00 at Home Depot. It was in there “oops” section. In case you are unfamiliar, it is a section in the paint area that were mixed by mistake and sold and a MUCH cheaper discount.  I originally bought it to paint these boxes I built for a Trunk or Treat I was doing.

I didn’t want black, so I lightened it with white paint I also had leftover. The black/gray paint was used for the drawers and leftover paint from my kitchen for the rest.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video of my process. See below for full instructions.

How to Paint a Dresser

Time: 1-2 Hours


  • Sander
  • Clean Cloth
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes or Paint Rollers
  • Spray Paint (optional)


  1. Remove all the hardware and drawers.
  2. Sand where necessary. Clean off debris with a cloth.
  3. Paint each piece separately allowing it to dry in between coats. (I painted two coats on the drawers and three coats on the body.)
  4. Allow it to dry completely and replace the hardware.

I hoped you enjoyed my tips for how to makeover a dresser for free or low cost! If you have tips of your own, please feel free to leave a comment!

How to Make Over a Dresser for FREE

DIY Craft Storage Idea

Craft Storage and Organization DIY Inspired

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