Kids Soap Making Projects: Soapsicles


By: Sandy Simmons of Super Soap Making Secrets

Note: For a detailed tutorial visit SoapyLove, or check out this helpful video.

If you’ve been making soap for a while and you have children, it’s very likely that your kids will be interested in what you always do. While it is understandable that you would prefer your children not to make soap using the cold process or the hot process because of the involvement of lye, they can easily make soap using the melt and pour method. Children below the age of fifteen will probably need your help and supervision even if the melt and pour process is the process being used.

There are many kids soap making projects that you can do with your children and slowly get them into the craft of soap making. Most of the time, kids soap making projects involve lots of colors, interesting shapes, fun ideas, and soap carvings or embossed designs. Kids usually focus more on the aesthetic part of the process than on the process itself. This should help you stretch your creativity.

Some materials you can consider for a kids soap making project that you may not have considered before are play dough molds, sand castle molds, crayon molds, and any other child’s toy that can be used as a mold (make sure it’s heat resistant plastic). Also try out neon soap colors and/or multiply colors so that you can create color swirls or tie-dye soaps.

Soap Making Projects Tutorial

Here is a kids soap making project that you can use with old popsicle molds. These are usually made with heat resistant plastic because some popsicle recipes require the liquid to be hot when poured in. Remember to add the sticks so that you get the full effect!



  1. Grate the bar of glycerine soap and place the grated soap in a soap pot or a microwaveable pyrex bowl.
  2. If on a pot, place it over the stove and melt the soap. If using a microwaveable pyrex bowl, place the glycerine in the microwave a few times in ten second bursts of heat till the glycerine is totally melted.
  3. Once your glycerine is melted, add the coloring and mix till the desired color is achieved.
  4. Allow it to cool a little then pour in into your popsicple molds.
  5. Find a way to keep the popsicle molds upright. Watch as the soap hardens. When its a little hard (you can see it solidifying) push in a popsicle stick.
  6. When your soap is completely hard, you can push it out of the molds and you will have soapsicles!

Your kids will surely get a kick out of taking a bath with popsicle sticks. You can also try making tie-dye soaps on rope with them! There are so many other kids soap making projects you can do. It’s a great way to get better at your craft and bond with your kids! So try one soon and have fun!

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  1. Hi, where do you find the coloring fo soaps and can lye and glyceren soaps be found at WalMart or specialty stores


  2. Oh my gosh! i am so in love with this. and what a fun way to encourage little ones to wash ! i ordered my supplies from and as soon as they arrive i am making me some soapicles!!! adorable

  3. Need more specific directions please. “Find a way to make it stand up”? Also-how in the world do you separate the colors like that? This is an amazing idea but please give us more direction.

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