DIY Herbal Spa Satchel

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Gift Idea

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel

As an HP brand ambassador, I was lucky enough to attend the HP Pamper and Retreat. The retreat was a combination of networking, learning, and pampering.  One of our pampering activities was a Thai poultice workshop hosted by the spa at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. There was a station set up to make your own DIY herbal spa satchel to take home and use in the bathtub.  We filled it with herbs of our choice to take home. I thought this was a great activity for a bridal or baby shower, or a spa party with the girls.

A Thai poultice is a 14th century therapeutic massage technique that helps relieve sore and achy muscles, ligaments, and tendons through aromatic herbs and spices.  Here is a list of herbs that we used and you can offer as well at your party.

Green Tea Extract – anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial

Hibiscus Flower – unclogs pores, softens skin, firms, and lifts

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Hibiscus Flower

Peppermint Leaf – aids concentration and calms nerves

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Peppermint Leaf

Rose Petals – aphrodisiac, mood regulator, stress reliever

Eucalyptus Leaf – relieve congestion, ease muscle soreness

Orange Peel – improves and tones skins texture and color

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Orange Peel

Chamomile Leaf – calms and soothes skin

Lemongrass – remedy for stress, headaches, cramps, and dizziness

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Lemongrass

Lavender Flower – soothing, relaxing, and balancing

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Lavender Flower

Rosemary – helps with circulation, metabolism, and removes toxins

Fresh Lavender – increases circulation, helps respiratory and congestion

Rose Hip Powder – helps with dry aging and chapped skin

Honey, Oat, and Sweet Orange – calms and protect skin, and hydrates

Honey Powder – antibacterial and soothing properties

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Honey Powder

Place each herb and spice in apothecary jars. Give a list of each herb and their properties. Allow each guest to fill a satchel.

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Bridal Shower

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Baby Shower

Wrap each satchel in a box with ribbon to take home as a gift or party favor.

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Box

DIY Herbal Spa Satchel Boxed Gift

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