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Kids Craft: Make Your Own Bacon and Eggs Felt Breakfast Food

Have you heard the song by Ariana Grande called, Thank You, Next? You are probably wondering why I asked that question when this is a tutorial about DIY Felt Breakfast Food. Let me explain.

The second chorus says just that:

Thank you, next (Thank you, next)

Thank you, next (Thank you, next)

Thank you, next (Thank you)

I’m so grateful for my ex

Thank you, next (Thank you, next)

Thank you, next (Said thank you, next)

Thank you, next (Next)

I’m so grateful for my ex

Well, my 3 and 8-year-old girls call this the Bacon Eggs Song. Why? When you listen to the chorus at the end of the song, it sounds like she is saying, “bacon eggs, bacon eggs, bacon eggs, I’m so grateful for my eggs.”

You can listen to it here on YouTube so you can see what I mean! I’m sure Ariana Grande appreciates this. Ha!

Thank You, Next inspired this kid’s craft! Plus, we had extra white plastic Easter eggs, so it worked out even better.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Here is How to Make Felt Breakfast Food

Time: 30 Minutes


  • Felt (white, yellow, brown, tan)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Plastic Easter Eggs


This craft is perfect for kids because there is no wrong way to cut out the shapes for bacon and eggs. First, simply cut out the desired size.  We had a toy skillet to use as a reference. Next, if you do not want to free hand it, use any round object like a bottle cap, to trace and cut out the yolk.

Felt Eggs

Felt Bacon

Lastly, glue them all together, as a result the eggs will fit easily into the plastic eggs so your kids can pretend to crack them. That’s it! Easy peasy!

The best part is that this craft costs less than $2.00!

Other Easy Felt Breakfast Food Ideas

You can buy a lot of great more 3-dimensional options online, however here are some easy no sew ideas like the bacon and eggs which only require scissors and glue. Another option is to layer pieces to make them thicker, or stuff them with cotton and use hot glue.

  • Pancakes – tan circles with brown syrup, and a yellow pat of butter
  • White Toast with a yellow pat of butter
  • Waffles – Cut squares and use a brown marker to draw the squares on top
  • Pop Tarts – Rectangle tan felt with light pink or light brown frosting, in addition white frosting adding sprinkles with different colored markers
  • Sausage patties – use a tan circle and glue a slightly smaller dark brown circle on top
  • Banana slices – cut small white or tan circles and add the inside markings with a light brown or gray marker.

All of these are very simple and can be done with the kids without a sewing machine.

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