Organizing Your Bathroom with Command Brand

I wanted to make a big THANK YOU for Command Brand for sponsoring this post.  I am actually a very big fan and have been using Command Brand for years.  I have hung my family photo collage with them and I have also hung my tribute wall to 90’s grunge wall with Command Brand strips (I know, I know, it was for my husband’s birthday last year). I’m really excited to share with you some helpful tips for you to stay organized in your bathroom.

Command Brand is introducing a new line of bathroom organization to help keep towels razors, loofas, and other toiletries off the floor and the counter.  These work much better than suction cups.  I used a medium bath hook to hold my hand towels near the sink.  I found this to work better than the towel rack.  We have overnight guests come often and the towel rack is needed to hang their bath towels.

Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (1) (560x372)

I used another medium bath hook behind the door so that my guests could hang some clothes while taking a shower or bath.

Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (4) (560x385)

The toothbrush and razor holder works well in my guestroom shower.  Although we have a built in shelf, this little caddy comes in handy for small items to keep them out of the way of the shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (3) (560x358)

Right outside the shower door, I hung the large towel hook, which holds up to five pounds.  This will come in handy for guest towels or clothes when getting in and out of the shower.

Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (2) (560x372)

Finally, I used the large shower caddy inside the cabinet door right under the bathroom sink.  I’m using to store cleaning supplies because it holds up to seven and a half pounds.  It’s nice because it freed up a lot of cabinet space for other things.

Command-Brand-bathroom-organization (5) (372x560)

I hope these tips help!  My guest bathroom is now ready for visitors.  Who’s coming over??

Thanks again to Command Brand for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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