The Things We Do For Love

Oh… the things we do for love!  My husband’s birthday just past, and with Father’s Day coming up, I thought I’d do something bigger than I normally would.  Here goes…

My hubby and I joke around a lot about turning the downstairs bathroom into a 90’s grunge themed bathroom.  I always laugh and play along, but in my head I’m always thinking, “HELL’S NO!”  Then one day we were talking and he mentioned that he wanted to spruce up the garage, paint it, organize it, and hang pictures up in it.  He said it would be “his” place and that I had the rest of the house. Immediately I felt badly.

This house is pretty big for just the three of us, and my hubby works very hard day in and day out.  He works late almost every night and he works from home on his computer on the weekends. I thought, why WOULDN’T I do a 90’s themed bathroom for him? But that wasn’t enough. I had to go bigger.

So over the past couple months I researched and purchased concert posters and frames online.  I also dug in boxes in the garage and in closets.  I found posters he purchased years ago still rolled up in tubes.  I framed them all and decided to hang them in our entry way… oh yes… the largest wall in the house.

Here is the wall before and after.  I originally had a family photo wall there, but it DID seem small for such a massive area.


Here are a few close ups of the new 90’s Grunge Wall (sorry for the glare).  I framed some albums as well.


Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life…


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