Remember Colorforms? I had this exact set as a child circa 1981 (Thank you,

I played with this Smurfs Village Scene almost every day.  I even recall getting it taken away from me at school because I was obsessed.  Today, as a big kid, I have new obsessions including blogging, scouring flea markets and thrift stores, and perusing the catalogue and staged vignettes at the showroom of IKEA.  I’ve blogged before about how I believe IKEA gets a bad rap, however I love IKEA because it’s affordable and stylish at the same time.

So what do you get when you fuse Colorforms with IKEA?  PANYL, of course! PANYL is an affordable way to give your IKEA finds a chic custom facelift in a few easy steps.  Take these EKBY shelves for example. These plain white shelves are given a whole new look with the PANYL walnut finish.

In three simple steps you 1) choose your IKEA product, 2) choose one (or two) of 34 different self-adhesive vinyl finishes, and 3) install your PANYL just like you did when creating your Colorform scene as a kid!

Love love love them! To be honest with you, they look BETTER than I imagined.

Check out the website, you can use a convenient interactive to help you pick the perfect color or finish before you purchase. Here are a few favorite examples. I love that there are several fun colors and finishes from hot pink to robin’s egg blue (perfect for a kid’s room).

My only issue? I don’t have enough! I need to buy one more PANYL for a third shelf! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Brea for stopping by and commenting! Send me pictures if you end up using it ( It’s so easy to apply and there are so many great color options.

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