Kitchen Herb Garden


Kitchen Herb Garden was an original post from my other blog, that I had to say farewell to due to my lack of time to work on two blogs (I have no idea what I was thinking!). But, I still wanted to share this post with you because it was something fun my daughter and I did together.

We have been on a planting roll lately! First we planted new flowers in our front yard, and the other day, Mia and I picked out some herbs together to make a kitchen herb garden.

Mia and I walked through a local garden center. Just like our recent visit to the Farmer’s market, Mia had fun discovering each plant, vegetable, and herb we encountered. We walked up and down the aisles and touched and smelled everything. We ended up settling on common thyme, sweet basil, and Italian oregano. All three of these were 100% organic and locally grown. Next, we walked through an aisle of colorful pots. Mia had a difficult time between choosing the red or green ones. She, of course, chose green.

Once we got home it was time to plant. It was very easy to do because all we had to do was transfer them from the plastic to the glass pot. I let Mia sit on our kitchen counter and get her hands all dirty. I wish I had thought about taking pictures but by the time I remembered we were both too dirty. I let her water them once they were planted as well. I set them in some cute garden hurricanes that I had.

Now the three plants sit on top of our kitchen counter in the sun. Mia checks on them every day. I think being able to participate in choosing and planting them keeps her interested and she even treats them like they are her pets. This was a fun and easy activity to do with her. I wonder what’s next???

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