Painted Colored Glass Vases


I went thrift store shopping the other day in search of some new projects and came up empty handed.  I even went to five different thrift stores.  On my way home I pass Goodwill.  Being the cheapskate I am I didn’t plan on stopping in because I think their prices are too high, but having an already unsuccessful trip, I turned in.  As I walked through the doors I hear that there was a 50% off sale on green tagged items today over the intercom. Score! I ended up purchasing some glass vases.  I decided that painted colored glass vases would be a nice touch as decorative accents in my kitchen.

colored-glass-vases (4)

Pictured below are the glasses I purchased.  I got all five of them for $6.95! When looking for glasses to paint, pay attention to the shape and texture of the glass to achieve your desired look.  Take the time to make your own arrangement on the store shelf to help you decide which ones to purchase.


Here is what you need:

Step One: Once you have chosen your vases, clean them with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.

Step Two: Apply a generous amount of paint. I mixed my paint first because I could not find the exact color I wanted.

colored-glass-vases (2)

Step Three: Slowly tilt and turn the vase to cover the inside of the glass.  When you reach the lip of the vase, use a paint brush to neatly apply the paint and cover the entire inside of the glass.

colored-glass-vases (3)

Step Four: Allow the paint to dry.

Here are some after photos:

colored-glass-vases (1)


colored-glass-vases (5)

Note: I use these vases for decorative purposes only.  Do not fill with water or wash in the dishwasher.

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  1. Was just about to say these would look lovely holding bunches of spring flowers. Then saw your note about not filling them with water. Is there a paint that would be safe to use with flowers?

    1. I’m not sure that there is! For larger mouth vases you can always place a smaller vase with water inside. For the narrow mouthed vases, small bud vases fit nicely inside.

    2. I wonder if you coated the painted vase with a lacquer ,maybe that would allow you to use water in the vase I live in an area that is very hot and dry so I have various artificialilk flowers so I can change the flowers around ,you can buy pray on craft lacquer

      1. Hi Clo! That may work. Just read the back. Many are just “moisture resistant”, so I’m not sure a vase of water would last. Let me know if you try it! I would love to know. Thank you!

    3. I don’t know about a flower-safe paint, but you could paint the outside with spray paint and finish them with a high gloss spray.

  2. i love them! no way you would think they started out as clear vases. i will def try this and i love the idea of placing a smaller vase inside to add flowers 🙂



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