Printable Monkeys for Banana Treats

Years ago when I first started blogging, I met a friend online who asked me if she could share her Printable Monkeys for Banana Treats that she designed. I was honored and published it. I remember her name was Anneke van de Langkruis. She had a fun Etsy shop that I was happy to share.

The other day, I was looking on my site for this printable. I thought of Anneke and looked up her shop and it’s gone. Boo! I also looked up her Facebook page and the last post was from 2013. Oh well!

Since I have been working on my YouTube page, I thought I’d make a YouTube video for them. Here it is:

You can print these here: Printable Monkeys for Banana Treats

You can print four monkeys from one brown paper bag. If you cut the bag into two 8.5” X 11” pieces, it will feed right through and print nicely. They are great for a safari or jungle themed party, Curious George party, or just for fun to put in your child’s lunch box for school.

All you do is 1) print this simple design on craft paper or brown paper bag, 2) cut around the monkey and cut out the tail into a spiral, 3) curl the tail around a banana and 4) fasten the little feet with a staple or small piece of tape.

I hope you like them! Thanks again to Anneke for letting me share this AGAIN wherever you are!

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