Wine of the Month Gift Basket Idea

Wine of the Month Gift Basket Idea with Free Printable

Every softball season, our league throws a silent auction fund raiser. Each softball team is responsible for donating a basket. This year we had each parent donate their favorite bottle of wine and I came up with this Wine of the Month gift basket idea.

Wine of the Month Gift Basket

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Making the Wooden Crate

For the “basket” I used an unfinished wooden crate. I sanded it with an electric sander and then used 120 and 180 grit sandpaper to get in between the slats.

Wooden Crate with Casters DIY

After removing off the debris, I stained it gray. Lastly, I also added rollers on the bottom because the basket is heavy. Make sure the casters have a swivel top plate.

Here is a detailed post on making the crate.

Bag the Wine Bottles

I bought these burlap wine bags on Amazon. I LOVE these and would buy them over and over again. They are great quality. Here is my affiliate link. Conveniently they come in a pack of 12 and are a great price.

I designed 12-month tags as well as a Wine of the Month tag for the basket.

Wine of the Month Printable Tags

You can print them here: Wine of the Month Printable

Cut them out and use a hole punch to punch a hole and tie them to each wine bag.

Putting It All Together

I used a cardboard box to place at the bottom of the crate and covered it with tissue paper. Be sure to stuff the inside of the box if it is hollow because the bottles are heavy, and the box may sag. After placing the bottles inside, I embellished the crate with tissue paper and shredded paper.

Punch two hole on either side of the circle tag and tie it on the crate with ribbon.

I hope you like it!  This would also make a fun anniversary or wedding shower present or for anyone who loves wine!

Wine of the Month Silent Auction Gift Basket



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