Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


This article, Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks, is sponsored by Bounty. All opinions are 100% my own.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

This year, Bounty is the proud sponsor of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this summer. They have teamed up with Four-Time Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter and one of the quickest women in the world, Allyson Felix.  Just like Allyson, 2X more absorbent Bounty is quick, helping you clean up those messes and spills in record time. In honor of this awesome partnership, I put together my top five quick kitchen cleaning hacks to share today.

Celebrating the Olympic Games is no stranger to my kitchen! Remember this?

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers (3)

And this?

Couples Olympics 2016 Decorating with Streamers (2)

You can see that a clean kitchen is vital when celebrating the Olympic Games at my house. So, here are five cleaning hacks to help you quickly clean everything in your kitchen from countertops to large appliances.  Here we go!

Tip #1 Countertops and Small Appliances:

Put a Bounty dry paper towel in one hand and another paper towel dampened with cleaner in the other hand. Wipe down small appliances and countertops with the wet hand and dry immediately with the other.

Tip #2 Microwave:

Clean a grimy microwave oven with two wet Bounty paper towels. Dampen two paper towels and place them inside the microwave. Turn it on High for three minutes. The steam from the towels will soften the grime. Use the cool paper towels to wipe down the inside of the microwave.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks - Clean Microwave with Damp Paper Towels

Tip #3 Oven:

Line your oven with a nonstick baking liner to keep it clean. It can be quickly wiped down with a paper towel and washed in the dishwasher.

Tip #4 Large Appliances and Floors:

Spray WD40 on a paper towel and use it to quickly clean fingerprints on any stainless steel appliances.  This also works for scuff marks on floors or crayons on walls!

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks - WD40 and Paper Towel

Tip #5 Trash:

Keep extra trash bags and paper towels underneath the trash bag in your kitchen trashcan. The paper towels will be handy in case of messy spills while changing your trash bag.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Hacks - Keep Trash Bags and Paper Towels in Trash Can

Help Community Olympic Programs:

So, this summer join Team Quicker Picker Upper online by sharing your best quicker picker upper tips showcasing how Bounty helps you beat the clock when it comes to cleaning up spills and messes.

Here’s how:

Tweet your tips to @Bounty using #quicktip and #promotion and Bounty will donate $1 for every #quicktip tweet to these programs up to $10,000 to help progressing athletes from beginning stages of development to the elite level.

Please review the terms and conditions: http://quicktips.dja.com/

I hope you find my quick kitchen cleaning hacks useful! Now I’d love to hear yours!

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