Real Simple Magazine Feature

Real Simple Magazine Feature

This is starting off to be a great year. We have moved into a new home, we have a baby due any day now, and I have experienced some wonderful accolades for this blog. One in particular is a feature in the March 2016 issue of Real Simple Magazine which is on stands now! The article is called, Meet the Blogger: Dinah Wulf. I could cry!

When I started blogging almost five years ago, I had every intention of turning it into a business. I knew it would take time and a lot of hard work. I also knew I’d be working for free for a couple years, but that was fine with me because I was able to share my creativity with the world wide web. I figured I’d reach a few people and inspiring at least one of them was my goal. Fast forward years later and it’s turned into a passionate career. This particular article was a rite of passage for me. I have had a few DIY and craft projects published in magazines before, however this is the first article in a major magazine that is about me AND my blog. It is truly an honor to be acknowledged for my hard work over the past five years.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a short message about it. It’s something that I’m proud of and look forward to many more success like this one. So go buy the issue and check it out and celebrate with me! I appreciate you all, and if you happen to read this, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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