Recycled Box Photo Booth

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Recycled Box Photo Booth was originally written for my other blog that sadly I took down since it was too hard to manage two at once. I did however still want to share this fun post with you!! So here it is!


Summer is here and this recycled box photo booth such a fun and creative upcycle and it’s perfect for any summer party, especially for kids!  It’s really fun and a great creative exercise if you get your kids involved in decorating it.  Here’s what you need to make it!

  • Large cardboard box
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Decorative Paper or gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons or markers
  • Amy embellishments
  • Unused or thrifted frames
  • Imagination


A box from a large flat screen TV or a refrigerator is the perfect size for a photo booth for small children.  You can make it a two sided photo booth as well.  The larger the box, the better, of course!  Cut out one side, and cover the entire box in wrapping paper, newspaper, or paint it. ()   Cut out holes for little heads.  Add decorative embellishments to add dimension and make it festive.  Add picture frames as a border.  Your party guests will have a great time posing for pictures.


This cardboard box photo booth could go with any party theme, the possibilities are endless!  Consider draping it with material, covering it with patterned gift wrap, or painting it.  You can also place a box or basket of photo props like hats, boas, funny glasses, and masks.

Some other ideas for reusing  an old cardboard box in a creative way with your kids are; 1) make a car or bus for your child to sit in complete with a steering wheel and headlights and watch a movie together, 2) make a play kitchen like a refrigerator or stove, or 3) with smaller boxes make a doll bed or toy storage bin by covering it with fabric.


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