Recycled Can Centerpieces with Succulents


Recycled Can Centerpieces with Succulents for a party or your home decor

Recycled Can Centerpieces with Succulents

My best girlfriends and I threw a birthday party for one of our best friends one year.  To save on cost and expenses, we crafted as much as possible. I made the cake topper and party centerpieces on a budget. This way, we were able to splurge on the food, cake, and fresh flowers. Perfect for a birthday, New Year’s party, or even a centerpiece for your kitchen table or patio, here is how I made these recycled can centerpieces with succulents.

Time: 10-15 Minutes


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My friend and I collected spaghetti sauce jars, and all kinds of cans including tuna cans and tomato paste cans. The smaller cans are perfect for succulents. Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry each container. Gentle soap and water is all you need.

Recycled Can Crafts

I started decorating them with a simple piece of colored paper. You can buy individual sheets of scrapbook paper or use a scrapbook paper pad to make several matching containers for a baby shower or themed party. Use natural colors or wood patterned paper for containers that you will use to display in your own home.

Recycled Can New Years Centerpieces

Then I didn’t think that was enough so I layered colors and added ribbon and glittered scrapbook paper. Much better! Simple color blocking with solid colors works well, or mix and match patterns and even textures.

Recycled Can and Mason Jar Centerpieces

I filled each container with potting soil. I have an overgrown succulent garden, so I simply, cut off pieces and replanted them in the soil. Lastly, I watered each container. This can be done several days before the party. If you decide to keep these longer, drill holes at the bottom so that the water can drain.

Recycled Can Centerpieces with Succulents DIY Inspired

I also saved some cans to use as flower vases and make small arrangements of fresh white flowers.  I grouped them together along with glittered teal marque monogram letters I found at Hobby Lobby. They looked beautiful at the party and all the guests were able to take one or two home as party favors. These recycled can centerpieces would also be pretty for a wedding reception, birthday, or New Year’s party.

Recycled Can Birthday Centerpieces

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the glittered cake topper I make for the cake!

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  1. Great idea! I’m forever saving jars and cans to DIY something with them. I had a customer (I have an etsy shop) send me 23 bowls and cups of Fiestaware to drill holes into them. He used those to create a succulent garden. He did send pictures of a few of them afterward, and it was super-cute.

    Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Isn’t it awesome when we are able to use free recyclables to create awesome decor? LOVE your centerpieces! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Hope to see you again this Thursday.

    Have an awesome week!
    ~ Ashley

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