Last Minute Birthday Surprise Idea

I love my best friends. I love them for their individuality, their wisdom, their loyalty, and their unconditional love. I want them to know that. Now that we are older, we don’t usually buy presents for each other on our birthdays. We figure that we’d rather spoil our kids. We do, however like to get together and go out to dinner with “the girls” and celebrate over a martini or four. But recently, for one of my best friends, the best friend who is always busy, I wanted to do something special so I came up with this last minute birthday surprise idea.

Last Minute Birthday Cake Surprise

I hardly bake… ever. If I do, it’s straight from the box. I craft, not bake. So, I drove to our local supermarket bakery and found this beautiful little blue cake. It had “jenny” written all over it. Jenny was busy on her birthday and had to attend her daughter’s softball game. I picked up the cake, a balloon, some plates and napkins, and plastic forks.

When I got home, I took the plate, napkins, and forks out of the plastic wrap and tied them up in a white bow. I also cut out a little tag and wrote “birthday girl” on it.

Last Minute Birthday Surprise - Plates and Napkins

My husband, daughter, and I drove to the game and dropped it off. We figured her family of six and the grandparents could enjoy it together on their own time with as little clean up as possible. It was a simple gesture that literally took minutes to do. I hope it made her feel a little special on her birthday.

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Last Minute Birthday Surprise Idea

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