Upcycled Toy Storage Idea

Upcycled Dollar Bin Toy Storage

Last month I opened up the Dollar Bin Challenge that I do with some fellow Bloggers to my Facebook friends on the DIY Inspired Facebook page. I got a great response with more than a dozen emails saying they were interested. That’s when I came up with this upcycled toy storage idea for all of Mia’s little toys (there are SOOO many at this age!). Sadly, however, when it came to the due date of the Dollar Bin Challenge, only one person submitted their project. But that’s OK! I get it. People are busy and before you know it, it’s February 2015 (can you believe it?)! I can’t wait to show you what Jada came up with! First, let me show you what I did in just a few minutes to add a little pink to these match Mia’s room.

Here are the bins I found at Target for $3 apiece. Love the black and blue.

Upcycled Dollar Bin Storage

Here is Mia’s room. See? I needed to add a little pink!


I used Painter’s tape to tape off some stripes. I wanted Mia to be able to see the inside of the box.

Painted Upcycled Toy Storage Bin

I used one coat of spray paint for each side, and that’s it!

Spray Painted Dollar Bin Storage

Remove the tape after about 15 minutes, and voila!

Upcycled Dollar Bin Challenge

These bins are perfect because they are small and clear… perfect for her Legos, Lalaloopsy dolls, and Strawberry Shortcake figurines, Shopkins (the list goes on). They keep it all organized and she is able to grab the one she wants to play with and know what’s inside. Plus, it’s “pretty” and matches her room. I need to buy about five more!

Upcycled Toy Storage

Now, for the Dollar Bin Challenge! My Facebook friend, Jada Roberts from Westville, Florida made this adorable Washi tape holder. She has six kids and lives an hour away from the nearest Target and she pulled this off! Isn’t it cute?

Dollar Bin Challenge- Plastic Container

As a thank you, look out for a package of goodies in the mail! Thanks, Jada!!

Easy Upcycled Toy Storage Idea


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