Saint Patrick’s Day Rainbow Count Down Activity

Shamrock Rings Count Down

My daughter learned to count very early. Well, let me clarify… she memorized how to count to fifteen very early! Ha! I was a proud Mama hearing my daughter, who could barely talk, count to 15. I did realize, however that sure, she could SAY 1-15 in the right order, but when she would count groups of items more than five, she would over or under count.

Now that she is four, she is a pro… that is, until she gets to about 34. She starts the over-under again. So, since St. Patrick’s Day is the next holiday, I decided to make learning to count higher numbers (and count backwards) more fun by making a rainbow paper chain of thirty.

We also get to count down the days until St. Patrick’s Day, one of my husband’s favorite holidays. Here are a few things we did together for this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Count Down Activity:

We constructed and hung the rings together. I cut. She taped.

As we made the chain, I talked to her about St. Patrick’s Day. Disclaimer: Is it AWFUL that I had to look it up??? Oye! I did a quick search online and told her that is was an Irish holiday and a day of feast in honor of St. Patrick. We wear the color green and display shamrocks.

We reviewed the colors of the rainbow and the order of the colors.

Each day we pull off a ring, we count the remaining rings forwards and backwards.

St. Patrick's Day Kid's Activity

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