DIY Halloween Costume for Dogs

Yes. I’m one of those people who like to dress up their dogs on Halloween. Before children my dogs had entire wardrobes! This poncho and sombrero costume is very inexpensive and easy to make. This simple DIY Halloween costume for dogs fits small to medium sized dogs. It also costs less than $10.00 to make and as a bonus you need to do zero sewing.

Time: 30 minutes


Instructions: Use the tan piece as the poncho and the other colors as the trim. With scalloped scissors, cut two strips of red, yellow and green. Glue them towards the bottom of each end of the tan piece. Leave a small space in between strips so the tan is showing. Cut two strips of brown about 2 inches wide. Scallop one side. Glue them to each end of the tan and fringe it with scissors.  Cut a hole for the head by cutting a circle and adding four slits. Play around with the hole placement so that there is enough room for the poncho to hang in the front.

For the hat I bought a dolls hat. You can buy them at a craft store for a few dollars. I added leather straps by poking holes through the hat and tying a knot.

Here are a few pictures of my dog Harley wearing it. It’s funny because he didn’t even try shaking it off!

Last Minute DIY Dog Costume

DIY Halloween Costume for Dogs - DIY Inspired

DIY Dog Halloween Costume - DIY Inspired

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DIY Poncho and Sombrero Halloween Costume for Dogs - DIY Inspired

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