Stenciled Gift Bag with Paper Flowers


I’m a very lucky girl and have an amazing group of girlfriends. Most of us turned or are turning 40 this year. Because of this, we have made an extra effort to celebrate our birthdays together. Coming up next week, five of us are taking a girl’s trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my friend Sarah’s birthday. A few of us pitched in and bought her a beautiful gift; and you know me I just HAD to make sure the wrapping was on point. Here is how I made this stenciled gift bag with paper flowers.



Before you begin, insert a piece of scrap paper or cardboard inside the bag to help prevent leakage. Next, place the stencil on the bag. “Stamp” some paint on the pouncer brush, removing any excess paint. You need very little paint to do this (less than a dime size). Stamp in an up and down motion. Allow it to dry and then remove the insert.


To make the paper flowers, you can use this tutorial.  I made these flowers for another birthday gift, but picked a variety of bright colors.  You can see how versatile these paper flowers are by just changing out the color and texture of paper.  I glued the flowers onto the bag using hot glue.


I also ended up making more flowers and gluing them onto metal letters. I thought it would be cute to decorate the hotel room with the birthday girl’s initials. Here is another tutorial I did for making initials for 40th birthday centerpieces. I hope you like them!



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