DIY 3D Photo Cupcake Toppers

How to Make DIY 3D Photo Cupcake Toppers

Photo crafts are one of my favorite crafts to come up with. Today I am sharing how to make these DIY 3D photo cupcake toppers that work well for any occasion! After all, “A picture says a thousand words.”


I love these because they are 1) quick, 2) simple, and most importantly 3) special.  They are so personal to the recipient(s) that it’s a great way to honor and celebrate them.  Use them for a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower, graduation, retirement party, you name it!

Great for both young and old, simply look for pictures of the honoree on their social media pages to get the perfect shots.

Watch the video tutorial here:

P.S. You should watch that video with the sound on. If you do, I bet you can’t help but dance a little to the music!

Making Your Own Photo Cake Toppers

Here’ What You Need:

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Note: These instructions use a circle punch, however, if you do not have one, you can simply cut your photos into squares or use something round to trace and cut out.

  1. Find pictures you would like to use for this project and resize them to fit your circle punch. I did this in Microsoft Word. You can also play around with different sizes and shapes of punches.
  2. Print out your photos on card stock or brochure paper. Heavier weight paper like this will be sturdier, however regular printer paper will work as well.
  3. Punch out each picture with the circle punch.
  4. Fold each photo circle in half vertically.
  5. Glue four circles together as shown so that they are all facing out. I find glue sticks to be the least messy.
  6. Insert a toothpick into the cupcake sliding the topper over the top inserting the toothpick into the center.

Aren’t they great?

Other Ideas for these Photo Cupcake Toppers

These work for any birthday or special occasion. Here are some fun examples.

  1. Use engagement photos for a bridal shower
  2. School pictures can be used for an end of the year school party or graduation party
  3. Place photos of a cast for a school play and use them for a cast party
  4. Use pregnancy photos for a baby shower
  5. Photos of couples are great for an anniversary party
  6. Fun photos of co-workers for a retirement party
  7. Crazy photos of friends for a bachelorette party

The possibilities are endless. I hope you like them!

For more photo craft ideas, check these out:

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  1. Hi Dinah,

    Thank you for another step-by-step DIY tutorial. An ideal cupcake toppers for all occasions. Kids will surely love to decorate their cupcakes seeing their cute faces around. Keep sharing wonderful DIY ideas.


    Marta of Partituki

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