Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

10 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

It’s not too late to decorate for Thanksgiving! I put together a list of fall and Thanksgiving wreath ideas to share today.  Some are mine and some I found on Amazon, which are affiliate links.  I tried to pick a variety.  If anything, hopefully it might inspire you to DIY one of them for next year!

Orange, Cream & Brown Hydrangea Wreath 

I love hydrangeas and these colors are perfect for fall. I love how this one alternates the three colors.


Pumpkin Ribbon Wreath 

I made this ribbon wreath for my front door this year. It was my attempt at a pumpkin!


Chocolate and Cream Hydrangea Fall Wreath  

Another hydrangea grapevine wreath; this one if offset by a large burlap bow.


Magnolia Leaf Wreath 

I have two huge magnolia trees in my yard and I think the leaves are so pretty. This one looks realistic, so I fell in love with it.


Hanging Fall Wreath 

I made this one two years ago with a hanging basket I found at Joann Fabric and Crafts.  It’s versatile and I can change it with the seasons.


Blooming Vintage Flower Wreath 

I was attracted to this one for the huge blooms. It’s so pretty!

fall-wreaths-blooming-vintage-flowersAutumn Harvest Wreath with Natural Accents 

Love the feathers and natural accents in this one.


Herbal Medley Dried Herb Wreath 

This would be pretty in a kitchen, even perhaps all year around! It is hand designed with Chili Peppers, Oregano, Garlic, Dried Artichokes, and Safflower.

fall-wreaths-dried-herbsBurlap Wreath 

I made this little wreath for my bathroom a few years ago. It was SUPER cheap and simple.  I made it out of a wire hanger.


Monogrammed Fall Wreath 

Love this one because of the personal touch and traditional autumn colors.


That’s it! I hope you were inspired by at least one of them!!

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