Spooky Halloween Recycled Jars

Spooky Halloween Recycled Jars

For some reason I cringe every time I throw a jar or plastic container away.  I feel a very strong urge to hoard it.  Many times I do. My cupboard is filled with empty sauce jars, cans, sour cream containers, and the like.  You never know when you are going to need one to make a Queen of Hearts crown or vase, or glittered centerpiece. Am I right? Anyway, with Halloween coming up, I couldn’t resist making these spooky Halloween recycled jars. You can make them in a jiffy and they are very inexpensive.

Time: 15 Minutes

Level: Easy



First wash and clean your recycled jars. Make sure they are completely dry. Spray paint them in a well-ventilated area. I used three very light coats, allowing 15 minutes of drying time in between coats.

Recycled Jars for Halloween

I found these bones and small skeletons at Michael’s Craft Store. You can use them for many things life a driver for a spooky stagecoach or display them in apothecary jars.

Recycled Jars for Halloween Skeletons

Recycled Jars for Halloween Skeleton Hands

Play around to see where you would like to position your bones and skeleton and take note of what areas touch the jar.  Place hot glue on those places and adhere.

Recycled Sauce Jars for Halloween

Recycled Jars Halloween Craft

You can use them as straw and napkin holders for a Halloween party or put a bouquet of white flowers in them and place plastic spiders on top.

Recycled Spooky Halloween Jars

Recycled Jars for Halloween DIY Inspired

Recycled Halloween Mason Jars

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  1. Lovely idea! My girls will like these jars very much. They did some recycling projects at school recently and they’ll definitely approve some more recycling. Thank you for sharing! Greets!

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