Repurposed Christmas Tree Craft for Adults


My Mother-in-law gave me these old canvas bank money bags that her work was discarding. I gladly took them. The first thing I made a travel laundry bag. I stenciled it and have used in on many trips. It has even traveled to Paris, Barcelona, and Monaco!  This time, I thought I’d make Christmas tree craft for adults.  You only need a few supplies.

Time: One Hour


The Fiskars® ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer made this craft so much easier than just using fabric scissors. I cut 1” X 3.5” strips of canvas. One by one, fold each piece of fabric lengthwise and pin it to the tree.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  When starting the next layer, make sure you stagger it. Continue until you reach the top of the tree.


At the top, leave space so that you can insert a knob.  I also pinned the flaps down for the top layer only.  Pin it on the inside so that you cannot see the pin head. Pin one end of the lace trim on top and then insert the knob.  Wrap the lace trim around the tree until you reach the bottom and pin the end underneath a flap.


You can choose any fabric to make these.  I personally like the unfinished sides to give it a rustic or shabby look.  You can play around with color and pattern too.  I think crystal or flower shaped knobs would look great too.



In case you need more crafty Christmas inspirations.  Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

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