Upcycled Candle Lids Turned Coasters

DIY Upcycled Candle Lids Turned Coasters

Repurposed Candle Lids Turned Coasters

Wanting some new coasters, I was inspired to upcycle some old candle lids to make pretty coasters at little cost. 

Here’s a picture of one of my candles with the lid on it:

Upcycled Coasters


Inside the lid there is a plastic liner that needs to be taken out.  It is simple, just place the tip of a screwdriver under the plastic, lift up and the whole thing easily pops out.

Repurposed Coasters

Next, I spray painted both sides of the lids.

Candle Lids Turned Coasters Trash to Treasure

Once dry, I traced around the inside of the lid to get the proper size.

DIY Candle Lids Turned Coasters

Using that paper template, I cut rounds of cork out of 6” X 6” cork pieces.

Candle Lids Turned Coasters DIY

I used a regular pair of scissors to cut the cork.  Because the cork fit perfectly into the lid, there was no need to glue it as it held snugly in place as you can see in this picture:

Upcycled Candle Lids Turned Coasters

Here’s another view of the new coasters:

Candle Lids Turned Coasters

I have two more rooms that need new coasters, so once I get a few more lids, I’ll be upcycling more coasters!

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Repurposed Candle Lids Turned Coasters-DIY Inspired

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