15 Awesome Repurposed Gift Ideas Made from Trash

Awesome Gift Ideas Made from Trash DIY Inspired

They always say that when giving a gift, it’s the thought that counts. And while I do believe that to a certain extent, I also don’t like giving (or getting) a present just because it was expected. I love things that have thought behind them, even if it’s a an owl pen from the dollar bin at Target because someone saw it and thought of you. Being able to take things that you already have around the house and make them into something that someone will love is even better! Trash to treasure they say. Here are 15 awesome repurposed gift ideas made from trash.

Every time I’m at the thrift store, I see tea cups that don’t have mates and always wondered what to do with them. Dinah took some and made them into beautiful Scented Teacup Candles.

If you want to take somebody a homemade cake but want it to be a little more special, you can make an Upcycled Thrift Store Dessert Stand to keep the cake safe and looking beautiful when you present it.

Create a pair of earrings out of beautiful packaging (think of all the packaging you could save from the landfill!)

We’ve all seen ugly, badly-painted trays at thrift stores before. How about giving it new life and making it into a stylish Chalkboard Tray?

If you have a mirror around your house (I also see them given away all the time on Craigslist or yard sale groups on Facebook), you can bring new life to it and also have it match your friend’s or family member’s home decor.

Giving someone flowers is always nice but how about turning a dish soap bottle into a fun vase and giving it along with the flowers?

While I haven’t seen too many wooden lamp shades to use for this DIY Sunburst Mirror, you could use pieces of wood you already have from other projects & create something similar.

Have an old T-shirt that has a nice pattern or is a pretty color but you just don’t wear it anymore? How about turning it into a beautiful Infinity Scarf?

Awesome Gift Ideas Made from Trash

Knob Topped Mason Jars (or spaghetti jars) are a great gift because you can fill them with anything…candy, craft supplies, office supplies, etc. and give them as a gift.

If you do want to give a gift card but want to give it to someone in a different way, you can use a cuff from an old buttoned up shirt as a card holder.

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you probably love heading to your nearest coffee shop now & then for a treat. You can take a sweater that you don’t wear anymore and use it to make a DIY Upcycled Cup Sleeve.

Have an old skirt or shirt that has a great pattern but just doesn’t fit? Create a Zippered Pouch and fill it with a few things that your friend will love.

I always keep jars and lids because I never know what I want to use them for. With a jar and a few other items, you can make a great Apothecary Jar that you can fill with some of the recipient’s favorite candy.

Have a shirt lying around that has a really great slogan or logo on the front? Turn it into a fun pillow!

And, who would have thought that you could take those old soda cans & use them too help make a wreath for a front door?

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