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DIY Furniture: DIY Upcycled Marble Coffee Table by Rasy Sor

My friend, Rasy who made this DIY Upcycled Striped Utensil Holder, shared a beautiful DIY upcycled marble coffee table she made for her living room. She upcycled her existing coffee table on the cheap!  Rasy said, “I’ve always loved marble but I couldn’t get myself to spend $400-$600 on a marble coffee table. So did some research and found a construction company that sells remnants from remodels. I bought a 20×40 piece of marble for only $150!” Here is how she turned trash into treasure.

Marble Coffee Table Makeover

Here is the coffee table before her makeover.

Coffee Table Before

Wood Coffee Table

Rasy found a place, Firestone Marble and Granite Fab, that sells leftover marble. They sell remnant materials from remodels. They will cut, polish and seal it for you. Best part is: you can negotiate the price! She says Home Depot or Lowes won’t do it unless you buy a minimum order of $1000 worth of materials and they don’t negotiate. 

Check out my guide for why you should buy furniture secondhand. It also includes a list of trash to treasure project ideas.


Marble Slabs

She put these on top of the wood. This grips the marble to wood. Rasy says she can switch back to wood table if she gets tired of the marble. It’s a great solution if you don’t want anything permanent. She says, “Just use the “Everbuilt Vinyl Disc”, for example, to stick the marble to the wood. It’s a perfect temporary “adhesive” for 3 reasons: it will keep the marble in place firmly, it’s easy to use and it’s temporary! You can always go back to the wood table if you wanted.” 

Coffee Table

Rasy says, “I bet a lot of construction companies sell remnant materials. You just have to ask. Or if you’re in a middle of a remodel and there are extra materials left, bet you can ask your contractor to do a custom piece for coffee table or side table for really cheap.”

Here are a few after photos.

Upcycled Marble Coffee Table

DIY Upcycled Marble Coffee Table

Coffee Table Upcycle

Thank you so much, Rasy for allowing me to share your tips and this gorgeous coffee table!

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DIY Upcycled Marble Coffee Table - DIY Inspired


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