Upcycled Kitchen Doors to Repurposed Headboard


Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Kitchen Doors to Repurposed Headboard

Kitchen Cabinet Doors to Repurposed Headboard

We are in the process of updating our kitchen cabinets.  Looking through the L.L. Bean home goods catalog, I liked the look of their Mission Style headboards, but not the price!  The cabinet doors we weren’t going to put back up in the kitchen looked very close to the headboards in the catalog.  Here’s how we took those cabinet doors and turned them into an easy project and great new headboard.

Here the door fronts all lined up ready to be worked on.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Repurposed

The doors were turned over and a piece of 1” X 4” board was nailed across the back to hold them together and to give the strength.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Upcycled

Another piece of the 1” X 4” board was then nailed to each outer edge of the last door and extended over the end about 30” to make the headboard frame.  Here is a picture of the boards lying on the bed ready to be flipped over and placed between the wall and the bed.

Upccled Kitchen Doors to DIY Headboard

Because we have a mattress which is very heavy we did not need to attach the wood support pieces to the frame of the bed.  But, if we needed to, it would be easy to just drill a hole in each support leg and attach them to the bed frame with a screw.

Here’s the bed before the headboard was added.

DIY Headboard

Here’s the bed after the new headboard has been installed.

Repurposed Headboard DIY Inspired

This was a great way to upcycle our unused kitchen cabinet doors into something totally unexpected. 

Check out Dinah’s guide for why you should buy furniture secondhand. It also includes a list of trash to treasure project ideas.

This project required no sanding, painting, gluing, or drilling.  My husband and I just attached the doors to three pieces of wood and then placed it at the head of our king size bed.   If only all the DIY projects I have in mind would be this easy!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors to Repurposed Headboard DIY Inspired

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