Upcycling Ideas for the Kitchen

Clever and Inventive Upcycling Ideas for the Kitchen

Writing this blog, I see so many amazing and creative upcycling ideas.  Upcycling is when you take something old or unused and turn it into something more useful and beautiful.   It’s not a new idea by any means; rather I think it has become more of a fun a trend in today’s tough economy. Today, I wanted to focus specifically on upcycling ideas for the kitchen.

Repurpose Spoons into Hooks

Thrift stores always have a section of unwanted utensils. Here’s a video tutorial on how to turn spoons into hooks.

Wood Burned Wooden Spoons

Upcycle wooden spoons by wood burning them with a soldering iron. These make great gifts for the holidays or for a housewarming present.

Watch the YouTube video I made.

Upcycled Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Here’s a very simple upcycled that is practically free! All you need is a few recycled sauce jars and this free printable. Print, cut, and tie it on your Mason jars to use for a party for any day!

Get the free printable here: Utensil Jar Free Printable Download

Recycled Jar Utensil Holders

Other Fun Upcycled Ideas for the Kitchen

I’ve done my share of recycled craft projects but some people just amaze me with the things that they create. 

This if a fun idea from Sweet Something Design.  She turned a “hideous glitter tray” she found at a discount craft store, spray painted it a glossy white, and covered it with recycled bottle caps that she also spray painted in her favorite Summer time colors.  With a layer of acrylic water on top, she turned this unwanted tray into a fabulous serving tray.

Upcycling ideas for the kitchen (5)

Now this upcycling idea is pure genius.  I would have never thought of it.  This is a recycled child’s puzzle play mat turned into a kitchen mat from DIY Show Off.  With a little primer, paint, and creativity, she created New Orleans poster inspired kitchen floor mat.

Upcycling ideas for the kitchen (2)

Oh how I wish I had the source for this one!  I found this on Pinterest a long time ago, saved the picture, and lost the source. L  If anyone knows, please leave a comment to I can give them credit!  This is an old cabinet door turned into a lovely menu board!  Who wouldn’t want this in their kitchen???

Upcycling ideas for the kitchen (3)

A fabulous idea from Life Hacker, this is an old fence turned kitchen peg board!

Upcycled Kitchen Peg Board

OK, here’s another one I lost the source for!! I feel horrible.  Again, please let me know if this one is yours!  This upcycled lighting idea is unique FOR SURE and I can’t picture it in any other room BUT the kitchen.  They are colorful vintage colanders turned chandelier!

Upcycling ideas for the kitchen (1)

Fun fun fun!  This next piece of inspiration is from The Crafted Sparrow.  Turn that jar of pennies sitting in your closet into fabulous kitchen wall art!

Upcycling ideas for the kitchen (4)

So many ideas, so little time.  Hope you enjoyed my favorite upcycling ideas for the kitchen!

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This article was updated and improved from January 2013.

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  1. I found the tutorial for the interlocking painted mat. It’s on diyshowoff.com search “paintedplay mat”
    However another post on painting these mats (for the floor) indicate that the paint cracks under normal use. So unless you have a special technique that prevents that happening it sounds like priming and painting won’t last unless used for wall decor or something.

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