Recycled Plastic Bottle Plant Pots

Recycled Plastic Bottle Plant Pots, Written by Loren Crane


Gold is in right now and I love it! I am so happy that I‘ve been changing most of my décor to white because I can just match it with anything my heart desires. The hubby and I have been talking a lot about bringing in a little bit more green into the home and we have been looking around at different store to see what plants we would like to have but I finally went out and got roses. Since I decided on what flower I was going to have in my home now it was time to get some planter pots and make Recycled Plastic Bottle Planter Pots.


I’ve been trying to a find different ways to recycle certain things that we use a lot in our home and unfortunately I have to say we do have a quite a few soda bottles. I went to work on the plastic bottles. I first cut it in half. I will tell you it does take some hand muscle to cut through the plastic.


I then punched little holes at the bottom to planters to allow extra water come through.


My most favorite part is spray painting both planters gold and best of all it only took about two coats and dried super-fast.


Now you have your very own gold planters for your home. They bring me such joy getting up in the morning and seeing the beautiful flowers in corner. We all need something that will make us smile every day. What will you plant?


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