Upcycled Razor Refill Cases

Upcycled Razor Refill Cases

I’ve saved Intuition razor refill cases for some time but didn’t know why, except that I thought they would be good to reuse for something someday.  Then inspiration hit!  Why not take these lids that I used to throw away and use them to solve a pill problem.  Let me explain.  My husband and I are very fortunate not to have to take any medication.  But, we do take quite a bit of supplements to keep healthy.  Since we take these supplements 3 times a day, sometimes it becomes problematic remembering which ones to take when.  This was easily solved by using the Intuition empty cases.

Here’s the empty cases and the plastic basket I found at the 99 cent store I decided to  store them in:

Upcycled Razor Boxes for Storage and Organization

I decided to color code the lids of the cases; gold for morning, blue for noon, and black for evening.  Just a bit of spray paint to the lid of each container took care of this step:

Upcycled Razor Boxes

The cases filled, with some lids already on, ready to be stored in a drawer:

Upcycled Razor Boxes turned Pill Boxes

Easy storage in the drawer:

Upcycled Razor Boxes DIY

I had a few extra cases, so I used them to organize some nails, screws, etc.:

Upcycled Plastic Containers

Since I’ll be using this product on a continuing basis, the ways to use them will no doubt continually present themselves too!  I may even try to come up with “100 ways to reuse Intuition cases!”

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