DIY Upcycled Garden Gates


DIY Upcycled Garden Gates Turned Plant Display

From Old Forgotten Gates to New Plant Holders, a true trash to treasure! Aren’t these upcycled garden gates pretty? All I had to do was string wire around the pots and attach them to the gates.   I’ll soon be adding more herbs and flowers to them.  The flowers are Supertunia morning glory charm, Lantana, and Calibrachoa.   The herbs I planted are Greek oregano, Lemon thyme, and ‘Aristotle’ basil.  I’ve never planted Greek oregano and this is really nice with a strong pepper flavor. These herbs/flowers get morning sun, afternoon shade and rain water thanks to the storms that have been coming through every day.

I found this gate and another similar to it in back of the barn on our property.  They were just sitting there looking so forgotten. 

Upcycled Gates

Ever since we’ve moved here I have wanted (desperately) to plant some herbs.  But, I don’t want to plant them in the ground because when it gets cold in a few months I want to be able to move them to a protected area.  The gates provided the perfect solution!

Upcycled Gate

Upcycled Gate-Repurposed

Even better news is that today I found another gate behind the barn half buried in the ground.  Once I can get it dug up, I’ll add it to my collection of gates and continue planting.

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