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It’s almost that time! Eek! I am so excited for Christmas this year.  This is the third year that we have family coming here to visit us from the Mid-West and I can’t wait.  This is why I thought I’d put together a list of cool Christmas advent calendar ideas.  These are all affiliate links. Any proceeds go to help DIY Inspired!  Thank you in advance!

Rustic Fabric House Calendar 

This one has 24 Santa sacks inspired by traditional Scandinavian design.  


Stocking Advent Calendar 

Each of the 24 mini-stockings is 6 3/4 inches tall and is perfect to hold a surprise candy or treat, message from Santa or even a small toy as we savor each day before Christmas.


O Christmas Tree Treasure Box Advent Calendar 

For this one, you can turn around the drawer each day to create a new image! What a cool idea!



Santa Hat Advent Calendar 

The Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar is pennant style with bells and Santa sacks or hats.


Activity Advent Calendar 

This alternative advent calendar is a fun way to countdown to Christmas with your family! Each recycled craft box comes with 25 solid wood tokens. Each token is labeled with a fun activity/gesture/craft to celebrate the holidays. Pull one from the box each day as you countdown to Christmas.


Do It Yourself

If you want to make your own but need some help starting out, these three options are great ones!

Advent Calendar Kit 

Perfect for a DIY Christmas decoration at home where you can hang from a mantle, down a staircase, on your wall or over a door. The bags make a great package for small gifts like a sticker, coin, small candy to name a few ideas.


Decorate Your Own 25 Drawer Countdown 

This one even comes with number stickers.



Unfinished Wood Advent Tree 

This is a ready-to-paint wood advent tree with removable drawers. Hollow drawers can be filled with small treats for each day.




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