DIY No Sew Felt Poinsettias


I bought this white felt wreath at IKEA a while ago.  I love it, but it was a little plain.  I thought I’d make some DIY felt poinsettias to add to it and make it a little more festive.  Here is how you make DIY no sew felt poinsettias.


Time: 30 Minutes




Each poinsettia takes ten felt leaves. I cut these free hand. They don’t need to be perfect. You can even cut two at a time if you use good fabric scissors. Simply hot glue each leaf together, forming a star. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue since it’s such a small dab. I made all the “stars” first. Next, glue two of the stars together. Make sure the leaves alternate the negative space.  Lastly, glue three small plastic pearl beads in the middle.

I then glued them onto my wreath.  Consider making them in white too! You can also use these flowers to embellish gifts, stockings, tree skirts, or even turn them into ornaments! Hmmm… I think I just gave myself some ideas…


In case you need more crafty Christmas inspirations.  Here are some of my favorite tutorials:


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