Advent Calendar Printable Kindness Notes

Twenty-Five FREE Advent Calendar Printable Kindness Notes for your Christmas Countdown

The holidays are filled with so much “stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE giving and receiving and candy and presents and stockings and advent calendars and decorations and you name it! As a parent of two little ones, I need to find ways to break up all the “stuff”.

For example, last year for our Elf on the Shelf tradition, I made a printable toy donation poem. My daughter loved it. I may have to make a new version this year.

This year for our advent calendar, instead of filling it with 25 days of small toys and candy, I thought I’d slip in a few kindness notes.

Act of Kindness

You can mix and match. Print the ones you like or use them all. Slip them in with candy or leave the candy out. It’s up to you! I also included blank notes to make your own.

They include:

  1. Make someone laugh by telling them a joke.
  2. Return someone’s shopping cart or basket at the store.
  3. Buy a toy to donate.
  4. Smile at everyone you see today.
  5. Buy mini candy canes and place them in all your neighbor’s mail boxes or doorsteps.
  6. Make a card and mail it to a friend or family member.
  7. Pay for someone’s food at a drive through.
  8. Pick up trash in a public place and throw it away.
  9. Donate food to a food drive.
  10. Hold the door open for someone.
  11. Read a story to someone.
  12. Bake or buy cookies and deliver them to the fire station or police station.
  13. Make a card for the mail carrier.
  14. Pick a flower and give it to someone.
  15. Help make dinner.
  16. Send a text to someone and tell them that you appreciate them.
  17. Do an extra chore with a smile.
  18. Write kind words on a sidewalk with chalk to make a passerby smile.
  19. Call a grandparent or family member just to say hello.
  20. Draw a picture and mail it to a family member.
  21. Let someone ahead of you in line.
  22. Donate old toys.
  23. Write a note or draw a picture and slip it into the neighbor’s mailbox.
  24. Give someone a compliment.
  25. Give every family a big hug and kiss and tell them you love them.


Get them all here: Advent Calendar Printable Kindness Notes



Whether you use five or all twenty-five, let’s spread a little kindness this holiday season!

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