Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft

If you haven’t guessed already, my daughter dictates most of what we do/make for these projects and activities that I post. Yep… when she asked for a castle we made this toilet paper roll and shoebox castle. When she asked for dolls of her friends we made these toilet paper roll and ribbon roll dolls. This time Mia told me she wanted to make an airplane… what?? How do I do that? So! I came up with this quick little Airplane Clothespin Kids Craft.

Here’s a quick video tutorial I made:

I’m guessing she asked for an airplane because her Grandparents just left in one after visiting us for the holidays.  Although she’s only four, my daughter has flown on almost a dozen planes (includes layovers if you’re wondering). Both my parents and my husband’s parents live so very far away. So I was so happy to make this little craft with her.


I also had these clothes pins handy (I did go to the store to buy some that look like little dolls because we are just going to have to try and make clothespin dolls very soon!).

Mia got these foam craft sticks for her birthday one year and they are so fun to play with.

Airplane Clothespin Craft

They are also extremely easy to cut! So, I cut one for the wings in the front and pictured here are the wings for the back.

Airplane Clothespin Craft (1)

I wanted Mia to be able to make these, so we used good old white glue to glue on the wings, but I used hot glue to glue on the fin on the back.

Airplane Clothespin Craft (2)

That’s it! I thought they turned out pretty cute for a little quick kid’s craft!

Airplane Clothespin Craft (4)

Clothespin Airplane Craft for Kids

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