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How to Make a Snake Headpiece and Eye for a Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume

Today’s DIY is Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume, but before we begin, let’s start with one of my favorite quotes from the movie! Ha!

So, uh… are we going anywhere special tonight?

I-I just got us into a little place called, um… Harryhausen’s.

Harryhausen’s? But it’s impossible to get a reservation there.

Not for Googlie Bear. I will see you at quitting time, and not a minute later.

Okay, sweetheart.

Think romantical thoughts.

-Celia Mae and Mike Wazowski, Monster’s Inc. 2001

If you haven’t noticed, our family costume theme this year is Monster’s Inc.!  I also made:

Now, I want to share how to make Celia, AKA Schmoopsie Poo. I’ll break it into two parts, the snake headpiece, followed by the eyeball headband. At the end, I have the YouTube Tutorial you can watch for reference. Also, some of the links in both materials lists are my Amazon affiliate links to help you find some of the products I used.

Making the Snake Headpiece



First, cut the mesh tubing into 9 58” strips. Cut a small piece of floral wire and tie three pieces of mesh tubing together inserting the wire through it. Secure it closed. Braid the three pieces and close the other end with another piece of floral wire.  Repeat this with the other six strips so that you have three braids.


Next, cut 6 pairs of snake heads with the purple felt.  I cut these out free hand.  I also cut snake tongues out of left over pink felt.  You can also use red, black, green, or purple. Glue the tongue to the top of the bottom of one pair. Repeat for all six snake heads.


Now you need to attach the heads to the bodies. Place glue on the bottom snake head (with the tongue), place the end of the braided mesh down and then top it off with the top of the snake head. Glue the sides of the head down, leaving the mouth open. Stuff 1/3 of one cotton ball inside the snake head. Glue on the wiggly eyes. Repeat this for the other fie snake heads.

Now you should have three braids with a snake head on each end.

Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume - Snake Hair


Weave one braid through the headband, keeping the ends even in length with the other. Then hot glue the other two braids, allowing them to fall naturally. Use floral wire to weave through the snakes on each side of the headband and shape the snakes in place. Cut off any excess floral wire.

Making the Eyeball Headband



Trace a wide brimmed cup or glass for the white part of the eye and cut it out. I traced a doll sized plate for the blue and a quarter for the black.  Use the white as a guide to cut out a purple eye lid. Glue all the parts together with hot glue.

Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume- Eye Headband


Then, glue the felt eye onto an elastic headband.

To wear the head pieces, slip over the eye and then place the snake headband on top.

Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume


The Rest of Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume

Besides the DIY snake headpiece and the eye headband, I wore a short, green, sleeveless dress. I also bought a purple boa to wear around my neck and purple tights. Lastly, you also need Celia’s Googlie Bear, Mike Wazowski!


Here is the YouTube video, Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume, to help you with any of the above directions.


I hope you like this Celia Monsters Inc DIY Costume. Stay tuned for my DIY Mike Wazowski shirt and my daughter’s DIY Sully hoodie and skirt. P.S. I still need to buy purple tights.

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  1. Hi! This is such a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing your creativity!
    Question – did I read that correctly? Nine 58-inch pieces of purple tubing? Please confirm, thanks! (I guess I’m tripping on the 58 inches long per piece?)

    1. Hi Serena! Yes, it’s 58″. I know it sounds a lot but it needs to be that long because it goes over your head and curls up, plus it needs to be braided. Does that make sense? One package of tubing is 20 yards, so there is plenty.

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