Little Mikey and Boo Monsters Inc Costume

How to Make a Little Mikey and Boo Monsters Inc Costume with and Upcycled Trick or Treat Pail

Every year we struggle about what to be for Halloween. With an outspoken 7-year-old in the house, she gets the final say until our one-and-a-half-year-old forms an opinion. This year, she chose Monster’s Inc. And of course, for the baby in the family, I had to make a Boo Monsters Inc Costume.

Monsters Inc Trick or Treat Pail - Little Mikey

Last year, we ended up doing the Addams Family.  It. Was. Awesome. We got so into it that I even turned her trick or treat pail into Cousin It. This Cousin It pail turned out to be one of my favorite crafts EVER. So inspired by last year’s costume, I transformed another plastic trick or treat pumpkin into Little Mikey.

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Boo Monsters Inc Costume

For the Boo costume we used:

  • Pink Shirt
  • Purple Pants
  • With Socks
  • White Tennis Shoes
  • Hair in Pigtails with Pink Bows

Easy right? I ended up purchasing the shirt and pants at Walmart which were only $3.88 apiece. I also decided on long sleeves and sweatpants because it’s chilly at night while trick or treating. Little Mikey is a little more time consuming…

Side note: in the picture above I realized I forgot Mikey’s horns so I added them after!


Little Mikey Trick or Treat Pail

Time: 1-2 Hours

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Watch the Video Instructions:


Wrap the Pumpkin

I cut a square measuring up to allow about 2-3 inches to be folded inside the pumpkin. Cut off the existing plastic handle. I simply folded up the four sides, making sure that the holes of the handle were on the sides, keeping the flattest part of the folds in the front for Mikey’s square face. Use duct tape on the inside of the pumpkin to keep the fabric down. Use several layers.  I found that this method works best instead of dealing with any type of glue.  It holds very well.

Make Mikey’s Face

Next, cut out Mikey’s face. I used a cup to trace the white part and a roll of tape to trace the blue part and a quarter to trace the black. Glue the eye together with hot glue. Cut out a black strip for the mouth and two small black triangles for the teeth. Hot glue it all to the front of Mikey’s face.

Make Mikey’s Legs and Horns

Cut out four 6.5” (W) X 5.5” (H) tan squares for the legs. I folded them in half and drew a leg on it wit marker and cut it out. Next, I glued the edges together leaving the top open and turned it inside out. I stuffed five cotton balls in each leg. Then, I ended up trimming the top off the leg because I thought they were a little too long.  It worked out because I could get an even top. Lastly, I glued the legs onto the bottom of the pumpkin.

Use the same technique for the horns with off white felt, stuffed three cotton balls in each horn and glued them to the sides of Mikey’s head.

Add a Handle

Next use your finger tips to feel for the holes over the fabric. Cut a hole on both the inside and outside of the hole. Push the end of rope or twine into the hole from the outside in. Use the scissors or a pen or pencil tip to help you. Tie the end of the rope in a knot on the inside of the pumpkin. Repeat on the other side.


Here it is again! She likes it! Ha!


I hope you like my Little Mikey and Boo Monsters Inc Costume! Come back to see the rest of the family’s Monster’s Inc. costumes!

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