DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume

How to Make a DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume out of a Thrift Store Shirt

“One of these days I am really… gonna let you teach that guy a lesson.” – Mike Wazowski, Monster’s Inc. 2001

Family Halloween Costume

Did you know that the average American will be spending $169.81 on Halloween? Costume expenses make up 41.7% of the total cost, or $70.81. I read that in this interesting LendEDU survey. This is why I like to make our costumes.  This particular one cost me about $7.00.

This is officially part four of our Monster’s Inc. family costume for Halloween this year. In case you missed them, here are the other costumes I have shared. Two of them are trick or treat pail makeovers so that I could include more characters in our group costume.

I still have to finish making my daughter’s Sully costume.

Making a Mike Wazowski Shirt

Since we walk around the neighborhood and trick or treat with the kids, I wanted to make sure my husband was comfortable, so I made this simple shirt.  I bought the green shirt at a thrift store for $4.00. Here is how to make this simple costume. This list may contain affiliate links for products that I used and recommend.

Time: 30-45 Minutes


Watch the DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume video instructions:

DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume Instructions


I used photos of Mike Wazowski online to help guide me with this project.

For his eyes, I used various round objects and traced them on felt and cut them out with fabric scissors.

DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume


You can make his mouth any way you wish. This version was my favorite, so I went with it. I first cut the full shape of the mouth in black. Then cut the same shape out in white felt.  I cut the white felt in half lengthwise and then cut out scalloped shaped teeth free-hand.

Scraps of tan felt were used for the horns.

I glued it all together with fabric glue onto the shirt.

That’s it! I may still try to find a blue construction hat to complete his outfit.  I am hoping to post the Sully outfit soon and then our entire family costume.

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DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume


I hope you like this easy DIY Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume! Don’t forget to check out my other Monster’s Inc posts including this tutorial for how to make a Little Mikey trick or treat pail.

If you need more inspiration, here is our family costume from last year, the Addams Family.

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