Cinderella Movie Party with Butterflies

Cinderella Party Centerpieces Glass Slipper

Success!! Ugh! I can’t believe it’s already over. With my two week vacation (which I’ll be writing about soon) just over days before my daughter’s fifth birthday party, I pulled it off! I have to say, this Cinderella movie party may be one of my favorites, because it wasn’t over the top, rather simple and beautiful.

Let’s start with the centerpieces. I made Cinderella glass slippers with gold butterflies and a blue pillow for a few of the tables. I stacked them on old books from my antique book collection. I dusted off some of my fall decorations and used the mercury glass pumpkins I have for Thanksgiving. I grouped these together with some movie poster photos that I printed and framed.

Cinderella Party Centerpieces

Cinderella Party Centerpieces with Pumpkin

Cinderella Party Centerpieces with Movie Poster

Cinderella Party Centerpieces with Glass Slipper

Cinderella Party Decor Ideas

At the end of spring, I raided Michael’s and bought all the spring blue butterflies they had for 60%-70% off! I clipped them to our patio curtains and to the Mason Jar Chandelier I made.

Cinderella Movie Party with Butterflies

Cinderella Party with Butterflies

Cinderella Theme Party with Butterflies

Cinderella Theme Party Ideas

Cinderella Party Decor with Blue Butterflies

I tied tulle bows to the curtains and to the backs of all the chairs as well.

Cinderella Party with Butterflies and Tulle Bows

Cinderella Party Tulle Bow for Chairs

Cinderella Movie Party Decorations

I bought a pack of 10 inexpensive white lanterns online and glued blue butterfly wall decals onto them. All ten lanterns with the butterflies cost me less than $10.00! I hung them all around the yard and on top of the food and drink tables.

Blue Butterfly Lanterns for a Cinderella Party

Blue Butterfly Lanterns

Blue Butterfly Party Hanging Lanterns

Blue Butterfly Party Lanterns DIY

Blue Butterfly Party Lanterns

Blue Butterfly Party Paper Lanterns

Blue Butterfly Party Lanterns with Ribbon

I also made these pretty accordion paper butterfly lanterns to hang inside the canopy tents.

Blue Ombre Butterfly Party Lanterns

Cinderella Birthday Party Decorations

For the food table I borrowed an old CD tower from my best friend and tied a clock onto it positioned to 12 midnight. I added some butterflies and a glass slipper inside.

Cinderella Clock Tower (2)

Cinderella Clock Tower (1)

I also lined the food table with a burlap runner and fake green mats I found in the dollar bins at target for a fairytale type feel.

Cinderella Party Food Table Prep

For the food we went all out with fruit, veggies, turkey pinwheels, In-N-Out Burger, and Chick-fil-a, our family’s favorites.

Cinderella Party Food Table

Cinderella Party Food Hamburgers

Cinderella Party Food Cheeseburgers

Cinderella Party Food Chicken Nuggets

I am no baker, so I ordered blue and white cupcakes and a blue ombre cake. I added some toppers that say “Have Courage and Be Kind” from the Cinderella movie. You can print them here. I also added a glass slipper to the top of the cake and put it in a cage.

Cinderella Blue Ombre Cake with Glass slipper

Cinderella Cake with Glass Slipper

Cinderella Cake with Butterflies

Cinderella Cake with Blue Butterflies

Cinderella Blue Ombre Cake

Cinderella Movie Cupcakes with Butterflies

Cinderella Movie Cupcakes Have Courage and Be Kind

For the Cinderella party favors I had glass slippers for the girls and Prince Charming bubble swords for the boys.

Cinderella Party Favors Glass Slippers and Swords

Cinderella Party Favors Glass Slippers

Cinderella Party Favors Swords

It was a fabulous time filled with love and laughter. We played games and ate a TON! In case you missed any of my tutorials or printables for this party, you can check them out here:

Cinderella Movie Party with Butterflies (2)

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